Specialty Products Lottery

When Is The Specialty Products Lottery Going To Be Held?

Update To Our Valued Customers:

Specialty products have been arriving at a slower pace than anticipated. As a result, we have not received our full complement of allocated specialty products to hold a lottery prior to the holidays. The Mecklenburg County ABC Board anticipates holding the annual lottery for Pappy Van Winkle as well as other allocated Bourbon products at a future date in January 2022 after allocated products have been received.

For a chance to be eligible to purchase one of these bottles, click here to join our “Spirited Mailing List” or find the link to sign-up located on the bottom left side of our website here:  www.meckabc.com.

When a date has been determined for the lottery, additional information will be emailed to eligible participants who are on the spirited mailing list.