Alcohol Permits

ballantyne lobby 350widthWe receive questions frequently about the need for and process to obtain permits to sell or serve various forms of alcohol (beer/malt beverages, wine/fortified and unfortified, and distilled spirits/liquor). The Mecklenburg County ABC Board is the only authorized retailer for distilled spirits in Mecklenburg County. We sell our products to adults who choose to purchase (retail) and to businesses who are authorized by the North Carolina ABC Commission to sell distilled spirits by the drink (mixed beverage) to patrons in their establishment. These establishments are "permitted" to do so by the process established by statute and the North Carolina ABC Commission. For more information about the North Carolina ABC Commission, visit or call: 919-779-0700.

The permit process allows for the collection of mandated taxes and proper control and distribution of alcohol. There are numerous types of permits for alcohol available depending on the circumstances of the event or the nature of the business. There are permits to allow sale and consumption on the premise of the event or business, away from the business, and there are separate permits for malt beverages, fortified and unfortified wines, and distilled spirits. Certain events such as wedding receptions and parties where alcohol is being served will require a proper permit from the North Carolina ABC Commission. For more information about the permit process, applications for, and types of permits available, visit: or call: 919-779-0700.