Transportation Permits

MeckABCStoreExterior1_350x235sWhen retail sales of alcohol became legal in North Carolina in 1937, there was intent to limit the amount of alcohol that can be purchased and transported by any one person.  Though the amounts have been amended over the years, there are still limits on the quantity of alcohol that can be purchased and/or transported by the public.

When retail customers purchase and/or transport over eight liters of distilled spirits and/or fortified wine, they are required to obtain a Transportation Permit that enables them to transport their purchase to the desired destination.  Transportation Permits are issued at your local ABC store, at no charge (including permits for wine; both unfortified and fortified) and only take a few moments to be completed. You will be required to present your driver’s license and the destination the purchase is being taken to.  The permit expires at 9:30 p.m. on the date issued.  Transportation Permits cannot be issued to locations outside North Carolina, and are not valid outside the state of North Carolina.  Each state regulates how much alcohol can be transported within their state, and how much alcohol may be brought into their state.

With a Transportation Permit you may carry up to 40 liters of distilled spirits or fortified wine in one vehicle.  Other types of alcohol also require a transportation permit.  A person can transport up to 50 liters of unfortified wine, or table wine (in one vehicle) without a Transportation Permit, but may transport up to 100 liters with the document.  A person may transport up to 80 liters of malt beverages (in one vehicle) without a permit (there is no permit to allow increased quantities of malt beverages for transport; except any amount may be transported by keg).

Transportation Permits can be issued at any Mecklenburg County ABC Store, Monday through Saturday, during normal business hours.