Operation Safe Streets

LE OSS logoThe tragedy of an alcohol-related crash is completely preventable.
However, each year in Mecklenburg County, thousands of Driving While Impaired (DWI) charges are prosecuted. Unfortunately, many more go undetected. To change our community's mindset of driving after consuming, the Mecklenburg County ABC Board established a program, Operation Safe Streets, to help adults who have consumed alcohol find a safe way home.

The goal is to stop as many individuals as possible who have consumed alcohol and their intentions are to operate a motor vehicle. Arrest is not our purpose during this operation. Our goal is to stop impaired individuals before they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. If during our voluntary contact an officer has determined that an individual's BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is .08 or greater, we will offer them a safe ride home, either by getting a friend/relative to agree to pick them up, or by Taxi with a free ride voucher.