Community Outreach

Since 1948, the Mecklenburg County ABC Board has directed part of its profits back to the community through a statutory distribution under Alcohol Education. By state law, once we allocate funds needed to operate the system, the ABC Board must return at least seven percent (7%) of profits from the sale of distilled spirits to qualified nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable organizations which are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or to governmental entities such as the State of North Carolina and its agencies, municipal corporations, and political subdivisions of the State that provide substance abuse prevention, education, treatment, and/or research for the benefit of Mecklenburg County citizens.

To demonstrate further commitment to the health and wellness of our community, in the late 1950s, the Mecklenburg County ABC Board developed a supportive relationship with Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center providing a rent-free building, and, funding a substantial portion of their budget. Read more about the substance abuse programs and services that Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center offers in our community here.

Community Grantmaking

In 1996, the Mecklenburg County ABC Board looked to broaden the scope of giving to reach more nonprofits doing innovative and meaningful work in the community around substance abuse prevention, education, treatment, and/or research by developing our own grant-making program.

As of June 30, 2022, the Board has returned over $107,000,000+ to nonprofit organizations in our community. Please help spread the word about our Community Health & Wellness Grant Program as the ABC Board strives to partner with new nonprofit organizations in the community. 

Current Grant Partners

There is immense value in partnering with nonprofit organizations whose work contributes to the mission of the ABC Board’s Community Health & Wellness Grant Program. The commitment of these community organizations to preventing or reducing alcohol and/or substance abuse in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community is unwavering and greatly appreciated.

The Board of Directors awarded $1,930,000 to the following grant partners for the FY 2024 grant cycle:

Small Grant Program

Gracious Hands Transitional Housing for Women and Children

$25,000.00, Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives

Step Up to Leadership

$12,500.00, D.A.P. (Drug Awareness and Prevention)

Bunk 57 Ministries

$19,640.00, Life Restoration Program

TreSports Association Inc.

$16,732.00, TreSports Positive Action Program

Our Daily Bread Foundation

$25,000.00, I LOVE ME!

Mecklenburg Council of Elders, Inc.

$25,000.00, Juvenile Court Intervention & Prevention Project

LOTS Lord of the Streets

$11,900.00, Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Center 360

$25,000.00, Letting Our Truth Ultimately Shine (LOTUS) - LifeSkills Training Program

Theatre Gap Initiative, Inc.

 $25,000.00, Theatre Gap Initiative: Mental Health Support as Substance Use Prevention for Marginalized Students in Performing Arts 

Thrive Global Project

$24,983.23, Ready to Thrive (RTT) – Substance Abuse Awareness

Planet Improv

$13,000.00, The Choices: 2023-24 Program

No Bounds II

$14,300.00, NB II Substance Use Support Services

Lionel Lee Jr. Center for Wellness

$25,000.00, Healthy Choices Charlotte

Prodigal Son Foundation

$21,875.00, Physical Activity Community Education (PACE)

POP's Passion

$25,000.00, POP's Alcohol and Substance Abuse Education


$22,857.00, Eliminating Substance Use Disorder Among Formerly Incarcerated Persons

Let's Talk About It - The Autism Center, Inc.

$23,000.00, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Education Workshops (Program Expansion Project)

A Giving Heart Project, Inc.

$25,000.00, Project365- Teen Initiative for Promoting Preventive Practices (TIPPPs) Program

Firm Foundations Youth and Family Outreach

$20,000.00, Teens TOGETHER: Life Skills 101

Annual Grant Program

The C. W. Williams Community Health Center, Inc.

$75,000.00, Reducing Substance Use Disorders in Mecklenburg County Through Medication Assisted Treatment and Associated Care

Charlotte Community Health Clinic

$75,000.00, Support and Expansion of Health Center MAT Program

The Center for Community Transitions

$50,140.00, Recovery Road Alcohol & Chemical Dependency Program (ACDP)

Community Culinary School of Charlotte

$50,000.00, Student Counselor and Relapse Prevention Program

Charlotte Area Fund

$66,665.52, Self-Sufficiency Project

Hope House Foundation

$47,252.75, Hope House Mental Wellness Services

Hope Haven, Inc.

$74,800.00, The Forum at Hope Haven

Right Moves for Youth

$58,752.75, RMFY Group Mentoring: Student Support and Youth Development Program

The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte

$66,240.00, Center of Hope SUD Counselor with Case Management Responsibilities

Charlotte Rescue Mission

$73,800.00, FY24: Community Matters Café

Urban League of Central Carolinas

$75,000.00, League Well

Carolinas Medical Center- Injury Prevention Center

$65,334.00, Working to reduce substance use and risky behaviors in an already identified substance use population within a trauma center

Center for Prevention Services

$60,527.75, Prevención con Fotografía (Prevention with Photography)

The Academy of Goal Achievers

$63,000.00, Goal Achievers Mentoring Program

CrossRoads Corporation for Affordable Housing and Community Development

$47,000.00, Grier Heights Drug Cessation Program

City Startup Labs, Inc.

$50,000.00, ReEntry Entrepreneurship Program (REEP) Accountability Partner Support System

Time Out Youth

$50,900.00, LGBTQ Free

Renewal Grant Program

Florence Crittenton Services, Inc.

$40,000.00, Whole Package Health

Safe Alliance

$40,000.00, Clyde & Ethel Dickson Family Resiliency Program

Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center Foundation

$40,000.00, Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center Behavioral Health Inpatient Peer Support Specialist Services

Dilworth Center

$13,000.00, Outdoor Experiential Therapy Program


$40,000.00, The Dilworth Jewelry Project: Empowerment for Women & Families Overcoming Trauma and Injustice, Bridging the Gap from Pain to Purpose Through Impactful Connections, Inspired Creations, and Economic Confidence

Teen Health Connection, Inc.

$34,800.00, Teen Health Connection Underage Drinking Prevention Education Programs

Mental Health America of Central Carolinas

$40,000.00, Equipping Community Members to Save Lives

Care Ring

$38,000.00, Care Ring's ACT to Prevent Substance Abuse Project

Roof Above

$40,000.00, SABER Treatment Program

Hope Community Clinic

$34,000.00, Whole Person Care

Hope Haven, Inc.

$40,000.00, A Path to Hope and Healing

Care Ring

$40,000.00, Mobile Health Screening and Intervention to Reduce Substance Use Disorder

Charlotte Rescue Mission

$40,000.00, CRM Mental Health Project

Helpful Community Resources

Is Alcohol or Substance Abuse a Problem?

Services are available in our area if you feel you need help with any type of substance; including alcohol. If you contact any provider, information you share with them is protected by federal law and can only be shared in accordance with the law. Self-help or community support groups are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week either through meetings or by phone.