Renewal Grant Program


*FY 2024 Application Period Now Closed*

A special thanks to the many non-profit organizations interested in the ABC Board’s FY 2024 Community Health & Wellness Grant Program. The FY 2024 grant cycle is now closed. Please check back in October 2023 when new FY 2025 information sessions and application period will begin.

The Mecklenburg County ABC Board makes grants to eligible non-profit organizations for education, prevention, treatment and/or research of alcohol and/or substance abuse (substance use disorder) per Chapter 18B-805 (h) of the North Carolina General Statutes.

Each year, the ABC Board demonstrates its strong commitment to investing in the community by awarding grants to support innovative programs and services that lead to interventions or strategies that prevent or combat alcohol and/or substance abuse. The ABC Board looks forward to partnering with qualified nonprofit organizations to collectively address these challenges and find solutions that lead to improving the overall health and wellness of Mecklenburg County residents.

Find out more about the ABC Board’s current grant partners under ABC Board Giving History.

The Renewal Grant Program was established in 2020 for all previous year grantees from the Annual Grant Program in good standing with the ABC Board. The Renewal Grant Program provides a simpler application process for trusted partners. Renewal grants are considered step-down funding to help organizations become less reliant on ABC Board funding and take initiative to secure new funding for their important projects.
Grants will be awarded up to $40,000 for a one-year project period in FY 2024, depending on and in alignment with the applicant's proposed project and at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
Important Information About the Renewal Grant Program
The Renewal Grant Program grant cycle will open on February 10, 2023, at 9:00 AM EST and close on March 1, 2023, at 11:59 PM EST.
Current partners are NOT guaranteed funding by the ABC Board and must apply for the SAME project funded in the previous year.
The Renewal Grant Program is NOT open to new applicants.
The Renewal Grant Program does NOT have an LOI process.
All eligible grant partners will receive a code to apply when the application opens.
 Eligibility Guidelines
Funding is restricted to current annual and renewal grant partners in good standing with the ABC Board.
Application Requirements
Renewal funding is for proven existing projects with no changes.
All renewal grants are for a one-year project period.
Although matching funds are not a requirement of the Renewal Grant Program, all applicants are encouraged to demonstrate financial commitment to their grant project.
Renewal grant partners must have:
Board-approved budgets for the current and two (2) previous fiscal years to show three (3) consecutive years of growth.
Optional: If applicable, explain any declines or reductions in growth during three-year period due to impact of COVID-19.
Renewal applicants are trusted partners – no financial documents other than budgets will be required; however, applicants will be required to certify in the application that the organization does not have any significant changes in financial status.
Annual grants moving into the renewal process are evaluated against each other in a competitive process.
In addition to other measures, grant evaluation looks for demonstrated compliance and adequate project progress in relation to proposed outcomes in considering the renewal.
Agency site visits will be scheduled with applicant organizations as deemed appropriate by the Grants Evaluation Team as part of the grant evaluation process.
Agencies with a renewal grant are eligible to apply for the Annual Grant Program in the same year for a DIFFERENT project only.
Two (2) grant goal reports are required, due at six (6) months and at the end of the grant period.
As always, human interest stories and photos are required to share the good work of the grantees and the ABC Board. Please be prepared to take photos and get participant testimonials during the grant project.
Invitation to Apply
Current grantees in good standing with the ABC Board will be invited to apply through a link to the grant application in Foundant. This link will come via email through Foundant to both the Executive Director/CEO and the primary contact, if different.
Required Application Documents
Prior to beginning the application, be sure to download and carefully read the Renewal Grant Program documents. By previewing the documents there will be no surprises and the application process will go more smoothly. Links to all documents are found in the application in Foundant. These documents include:
FY 2024 Renewal Grant Program Guidelines & Terms
FY 2024 Renewal Grant Program Budget Worksheet Instructions
FY 2024 Renewal Grant Program Budget Template
The ABC Board is Here to Help!
Getting Started
Getting started means getting organized! This will help applicants to prepare a better grant application.
Begin by updating any information in Foundant that may have changed. It is important to keep contact information current so that communications from the ABC Board are not missed. Go to the ABC Board’s online grants management system at Foundant to make updates to the organization’s profile.
 Project & Technical Assistance
For assistance with the Renewal Grant Program, please contact Julia Paul, Director, Community Engagement and External Relations, with any questions at
For more information about the Renewal Grant Program and ABC Board grant-making in general, please refer to these documents:
ABC Board FY24 Grant Opportunity Overview
ABC Board FY24 Eligibility Criteria
ABC Board Grant Funding Pipeline
ABC Board Examples of Fundable Projects
The ABC Board encourages applicants to review these important resources for project planning and proposal development purposes:
SAMHSA's Evidence-Based Practices Resource Center
SAMHSA’s Programs and Campaigns
Mecklenburg County Community Health Assessment (2019)

CDC Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) Middle and High School Results (2019)
A Guide to SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (2019)
Evidence-Based Programs for Youth Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment

National Mentoring Resource Center
FY 2024 RGP-Reimbursement Request template-fill-in

FY2024 RGP RFP Budget Summary Template-FINAL
FY2024 MeckABC Grant-Program Contract Amendment Form
 Helpful Sites
Review the Frequently Asked Questions which provide helpful information.
Take the Applicant Tutorial to get started with the application process.

FY 2023 RGP-Reimbursement Request template-fill-in
FY2023 RGP RFP Budget Summary Template-FINAL