Mission Statement & Values

Associate helping customerThe Mecklenburg County Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board manages the sale of distilled spirits by promoting excellence in customer service, fiscal responsibility, operational effectiveness, compliance with laws that govern the sale and use of alcoholic beverages, and creating community partnerships to improve public health and safety.

  • We value our environment by promoting and nurturing work environments that encourage honest, reliable communication and which at all times treats people with dignity. We promote a safe work environment that supports our customers and all those who serve them.

  • We value our initiative by delivering on the needs of our customers through uncompromising pursuit of "if there is a problem-fix it".

  • We value our communication by listening and responding. We provide reasonable and accessible opportunities for our customers and employees to be heard. We routinely provide written communication to employees regarding board policies, procedural changes, and employee/store news.

  • We value our accountability by insuring our words equal our actions and if ever one suffers at the expense of another, work to correct.

  • We value our relationship by recruiting self-motivating individuals and providing job training and growth opportunities. We competitively acknowledge associates commensurate to performance.

  • We value our performance by promoting policies that are sound, innovative, profitable, and which advocate performance supportive of the welfare of the community.

  • We value our teamwork by serving the customer or someone who serves the customer.