Press Releases

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7/19/2022   Mecklenburg County ABC Board Announces Grant Award Recipients
8/10/2022   Mecklenburg County ABC Board Announces Permanent New Hours of Retail Operation
8/15/2022   Mecklenburg County ABC Board Distributes an Additional $5.2 Million to the County, City, & Library for FY22

Mecklenburg County ABC Board Announces Store Openings: Two ABC Spirits stores open in November for retail and mixed beverage business

03/16/2023   Temporary Store Closure For Retail Customers Park Road Store #6 will undergo remodeling

NEW ADDITIONS REVITALIZE LOCAL ABC BOARD-Marcus Kimbrough and Beverly Thorpe join as new board directors while Monifa Drayton elevates to Board Chair to fulfill vacant seats on the Mecklenburg County ABC Board

5/9/2023   REMODELED ABC SPIRITS STORE OPENS FOR ALL CUSTOMERS-The six-week remodel of store #6 is complete and opened May 6 for retail and mixed beverage customers
6/19/2023   CEO Of Mecklenburg County ABC Store Recognized As Most Admired CEO By Charlotte Business Journal
8/28/2023   ABC Board - Grantee Announcement 2023
8/28/2023   Mecklenburg County Alcoholic Control Board Onboards New Appointees
10/12/2023   Store 30 Opening Media Release

Mecklenburg County ABC Board Honored at Who’s Who in Black Charlotte for Uplifting Impact on Youth and Local Partners


 Mecklenburg County ABC Board grants $10M community investment in Anuvia as part of grant program


Mecklenburg County ABC Board Pilots Innovative "ABC To Go" App for Streamlined Spirits Purchases

2/09/2024   ABC To Go Mobile App & Website Being Added to All Mecklenburg County ABC Spirit Stores
4/10/2024   Alcohol Awareness Month: How the Largest ABC Board in NC Pays Homage