MECKLENBURG COUNTY ABC BOARD Honored at Who's Who in Black Charlotte for Uplifting Impact on Youth and Local Partners


MECKLENBURG COUNTY ABC BOARD Honored at Who’s Who in Black Charlotte for Uplifting Impact on Youth and Local Partners

Recognizing the $1.9 million investment to local orgs, including 29 BIPOC-led nonprofits

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Charlotte, NC (Region) — The Mecklenburg County ABC Board is honored to have participated in the iconic comeback of the awaited Who’s Who publication and events designed to continue community outreach, highlight black excellence and better educate citizens about the board’s mission of health and wellness. On September 29, the Mecklenburg County ABC Board presented along with other local businesses and organizations at the Youth Leadership Summit Engagement.

There, Mecklenburg County ABC Board Law Enforcement officers showcased to students the entity’s role in public safety and substance abuse education. On the evening of September 28, the Who’s Who in Black Charlotte publication selected CEO Keva Walton as an honoree for his work and community investment to 29 BIPOC led nonprofit partners.

The Who’s Who in Black Charlotte event, designed to highlight local Black leaders and businesses in a night of celebration and support, saw honors given to the Mecklenburg County ABC Board, including a pin awarded to Keva Walton. Walton also appeared at the Youth Leadership Summit Engagement, where he held an impromptu fireside chat with students to discuss stigma, substance abuse education, the importance of representation, and the students’ future aspirations, inspiring attendees as a local Black leader. The Mecklenburg ABC Board law enforcement team was later present at the Youth Leadership event to educate students on the board’s ASSET program, a free training service informing the public on regulations surrounding utilizing false identification, along with information on the board’s other community initiatives.

The event was characterized by togetherness, community, and a call to action to improve equity and access for all throughout Charlotte, as noted by other prominent attendees.

“In a world of iPhones, i-This, and i-That, we need to work together for a better future,” said Rubie Britt- Height, Director of Community Relations for the Mint Museum.

“Charlotte is about 35% African American, and if all of Mecklenburg County residents work together, we can make a better tomorrow,” said Malcolm Graham, City Council member.
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The Mecklenburg County ABC Board actively lives up to this mission by investing heavily in local communities. Since its inception, the board has invested over $500 million in the city, county, library, and various nonprofits. The board has recently awarded an additional $1.9 million in investments for FY2024 through their Community Grant Program, with the upcoming grantee class being the most diverse to date.

Highlighted Black-led grantee recipients this year include:

  • A Giving Heart Project, Inc.
  • Bunk 57 Ministries
  • Care Ring
  • Center 360
  • CrossRoads Corp for Affordable Housing and Community Development
  • Firm Foundations Youth and Family Outreach
  • Gracious Hands Transitional Housing for Women and Children
  • Lionel Lee Jr. Center for Wellness
  • LOTS Lords of the Streets
  • Our Daily Bread Foundation
  • POP's Passion
  • Prodigal Son Foundation
  • Step Up to Leadership
  • The Academy of Goal Achievers
  • TreSports Association Inc.
  • Urban League of Central Carolinas

“We see a lot of misunderstandings about who the Mecklenburg County ABC Board is and how we serve the community, so we want to make sure we actively demonstrate who we are,” said Keva Walton, CEO of the ABC Board. “We hope that by engaging citizens at events like these, we can properly showcase that local and meaningful commitment to the community. After 75 years in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community, we will continue leading by our mantra of being ’Socially Responsible, Community Invested,’ and to positively impact our partners, our culture, and our customers.”

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The Mission of the Board is to lawfully sell spirituous liquor as a transparent social enterprise, providing innovation, employee empowerment and advancement for our community.