Mecklenburg County ABC Board grants $10M community investment in Anuvia as part of grant program   

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Mecklenburg County ABC Board grants $10M community investment in Anuvia as part of grant program   


Mecklenburg County, NC -- The Mecklenburg County ABC Board recently invested a total of $10M to Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center as part of a historic community investment which includes a $6M property transfer of ownership of their building in Fiscal Year 2023 to Anuvia. 

Anuvia is one of the first and leading nonprofit substance use disorder treatment and prevention centers in Charlotte, NC. “Anuvia promotes wellness in our community by providing compassionate treatment and prevention services of the highest quality to impact the disease of addiction,” said Valerie Koperzky, CEO, Anuvia. She added, “We value the annual financial support and the Board’s long-standing relationship with us. In 1957, we had the honor of being founded by the Mecklenburg County ABC Board.”

While continuing its founding mission, Anuvia has grown to offer inpatient and outpatient treatment services for mental health and substance use issues. Community members come to Anuvia to receive alcohol education and support, without stigma or judgment. 

“We continue our commitment to education through our Prevention team’s critical work. We have clinics that deliver medication management and medication-assisted treatment services. Our position in the community coupled with our extensive service array is 100% due to the financial backing of our founders, the Mecklenburg County ABC Board. Because of their unrelenting support, Anuvia can serve anyone who comes through its doors, regardless of their ability to pay for services,” said Koperzky. 

The Mecklenburg County ABC Board built the outpatient facility on 100 Billingsley Road, a building that is now owned by Anuvia through a partnership. Simply put, “We would not operate the way that we do, without the continued and steadfast generosity of the ABC Board,” said Koperzky. “Community members can arrive at Anuvia with confidence that they are receiving the highest quality of care without the financial burden that often accompanies high-quality services. All are welcome to begin their healing journey here,” she said. 

Keva Walton, Mecklenburg County ABC Board’s CEO shared, “The Board is proud of its long-standing alliance with Anuvia. Transfer of the property for their continued substance misuse education and treatment programs was a natural progression of this partnership. Mecklenburg County is fortunate to have Anuvia woven into its community fabric.”

Each year, per Chapter 18B-805 (h) of the North Carolina General Statutes, the Board demonstrates its strong commitment to investing in the community by awarding grants to eligible non-profit groups that support innovative programs and services that lead to interventions or strategies that prevent or combat alcohol and/or substance abuse (substance use disorder). 

“The ABC Board intends to partner with qualified nonprofit organizations to collectively address these challenges and find solutions that lead to improving the overall health and wellness of Mecklenburg County residents,” said Walton.


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Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center is a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that has provided services to the Charlotte community since 1958. Anuvia addiction treatment services include prevention, intervention, DWI/court, assessment, detoxification, outpatient treatment, and inpatient treatment. For more information, please visit