An Annual Renewal Grant Program Coming in FY 2021

 A new express grant renewal application process will be created for the FY2021 grant cycle for nonprofit partners with existing programs that have a proven track record and grant program compliance, saving time for both trusted partners and the grant evaluation team. The Board’s annual and multi-year grant program would then be exclusively focused on new innovative programs and growing new strategic partnerships.

Highlights of the renewal program:

  • Qualifying nonprofit partners with existing programs would have a shortened application, reducing time spent for completion and evaluation

  • In addition to other measures, the evaluation would look for demonstrated compliance and adequate program progress in relation to proposed outcomes in considering the renewal

  • In the FY 2021 annual grant cycle, the Grant Renewal Program grants will be awarded in any amount up to $75,000 for existing programs, and, in any amount up to up to $50,000 in the FY 2022 cycle at the discretion of the Board

  • Site visits would not be made during the evaluation process and scheduled instead, by staff, during the grant cycle. Any questions necessary for clarification would be addressed by a phone call to the executive director and/or Board Chair

  • Only two semi-annual reports would be required; one at 6-month interval and one at cycle year-end

  • The grant renewal program would continue to be a competitive process between existing programs
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